The bracelet is one of the world’s most popular articles of jewelry and has been for thousands of years. According to most historians, the bracelet originated in Ancient Egypt around 5000 BCE. But its name actually comes from a Greek word, ‘brachile’ which means ‘of the arm.’ These ornaments were nothing like the bracelets we know today Bonnie Jennifer.

The earliest examples were made of bones, shells and rocks. The Egyptians took the art of jewelry making to another level. They began with primitive materials like woods and stones, but later incorporated precious metals. Their single most popular symbol was the scarab beetle, which represented rebirth and reincarnation. Scarab beetle bracelets can be found in most museums that contain Egyptian artifacts. They were commonly wrapped in linens with their mummified owners and are now considered priceless.

Bracelets were also popular with the Greeks and the Romans. They were one of the only types of jewelry that both men and women wore regularly. The accessory was especially popular with Roman soldiers, who wore them both as decoration and as a form of protection. Since the main goal of any ancient warrior was to disarm his enemy, he would naturally aim for the wrist. Thick leather bands offered some protection for battle-tested soldiers.

Bracelets have long been one of the most popular articles of jewelry in India. In fact, most Indian women wear groups of them called bangles. These decorations can even denote a woman’s marital status in some parts of the country.

Modern Bracelets


Generally made of colored silicone rubber, these wristbands were popularized by champion cyclist Lance Armstrong and Nike in 2003. Their yellow Livestrong wristbands are easily the most popular bracelets on earth, with around 100 million of them in circulation. Just like awareness ribbons, they are used to raise money for certain charity campaigns, like cancer. Though they are not considered articles of fine jewelry, they are a form of personal decoration.

Tennis Bracelet

For obvious reasons, diamond bracelets are out of the reach of most Americans. The classic tennis bracelet is a thin in-line diamond ornament that got its name at the U.S. Open. One of the nation’s favorite tennis players, Chris Evert, was competing in a Grand Slam tournament when her diamond bracelet accidentally broke. The match was interrupted for several minutes, during which time the flustered champion collected her precious diamonds. The incident instantly created a new name for the previously unknown ornament, as well as a new jewelry trend. Tennis bracelets are more popular than ever with athletic women the world over.


After the scarab bracelet, charm bracelets were the most popular articles of jewelry with the Ancient Egyptians. Many believed that they could be used to ward off evil spirits and as a form of identification in the afterlife. Modern charm bracelets are still quite popular, especially with young girls. Parents often give their daughters a basic wrist band and personal charms they can attach to them. It is literally the gift that keeps on giving, and is often the first piece of jewelry girls receive. Though traditional charm bracelets have dangling pendants, new Italian charm bands that have fixed pieces soldered to the bracelet have become quite trendy in recent years.

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