It is a common complaint from detailers: hiring. Finding them and retaining them are a hit-and-miss exercise. A detailer must build a team of detailers to keep a positive reputation for his shop. It would save lot of time and effort, if applicants were truthful when being interviewed. Unfortunately, most of them overstate abilities for to get a job. Once exposed, there is resentment. Here are some ideas to dig a bit deeper into your applications and assemble the team that will represent your company best resources.

1. Use recommendations from acquaintances you respect. This may surprise you, but they can get you leads if you ask them to refer anybody interested in a job. I was able to find many sincere and hard working staff for the long term this way.

2. You should choose to hire people who are ready to learn or are “trainable.” A good work can’t be taught. I rarely hire people who claim to be “experienced detailers”.

3. Set aside some time to write proper ads. It should be clear what your expectations are. Unwanted candidates can be easily scanned out, when you request in the ad that applicants include their work references. I am certain to make clear that they need not call us. We will call them, after a review of their resume is done. It may surprise you that most candidates do not follow these instructions. If they are not following instructions before being hired, what kind of employee will they make in the future?

4. Make sure to check each reference given. You can expect to hear good things about the applicant, but talk to enough people and you’ll get a lot of “off the record” comments you’ll find useful.

5. Call the applicants to come for an informal interview to discuss what a job entails, organization overview and expectations from this position. If I am want to proceed, I email a copy of employee manual along with information on company policies and get it signed after they have read and understood an employment agreement. This helps two ways. First, the person being hired knows what to expect in case anything goes wrong. Second, having written consent from employees documents that they’re knowledgeable about the rules…and they do get broken “down the line.”

6. Make sure that employees are in a probationary period for the first 90 days. This time should be used to observe him or her and train accordingly. This is enough time to find out if they are really made for this job. Few people can handle the rigor of auto detailing however hard working they may be. While a few excellent detailers may be excellent when it comes to dealing with clients, you should not hire them either. Make sure they are good with clients, good with coworkers, and have good attention to detail.

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